101Kitchen Food Vacuum Sealer Everyday

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101Kitchen Food Vacuum Sealer for Dry & Wet Preservation of Food Storage Prolonging Food - Reducing Waste - Saving Money & the Environment - Included Adaptor Air Suction Hose - 15 Bags & Set of Stretch Covers for Jars

✅Vacuum Sealing of Meats Fish Chicken Cold Meats Prepared Meals Fresh Vegetables & Fruit Gives You Up to Three Times the Life Span - Perseveres Aroma - Eliminates Freezer Burn - Saves Time by Preparing Ahead

✅Easy to Use & Clean - Simply fill bag and place into the Appliance - Press down on the Top Cover to lock the Lid - Press Vacuum Seal button to activate the sealing process

 ✅This Handy Gadget Comes with an Accessory Port & Adaptor Hose That Can Vacuum Seal Containers - Zipper Bags & Remove Air from Wine Bottles Preserving its Flavour & Longevity

 ✅Included in the Package are 15 Pre-Cut Heat Seal Bags to get you Started PLUS - Complimentary Set of Re-Useable Stretch Silicone Covers - Saving on Plastic Waste Helping the Environment & Waterways

✅Your Best Assistant to Prepare Ahead Keeping Supplies Dry & Fresh or Camping, Traveling, Caravanning or Picnicking - Reduces Spoilage & Food Waste so You Can Enjoy Your Time

Vacuum Sealing of food preserves freshness by removing the air which then limits bacterial growth causing your vegetables, meats and liquids to deteriorate quickly. Sealing of your meat, chicken, fish, fresh vegetables and even the dry foods such as nuts cereals dried fruit etc. by drawing out the air then helps block the growth of mould, fungus and bacteria that are responsible for ruining your food which then ends up in the bin wasting the earths precious food resources and your Hard Earned Money.


Conventional Storage              Vacuum sealed

Freezer      6 months                    2 to 3 years      

Fridge        7 to 14 days               4 to 8 months

Cupboard   7 to 14 days              21 to 48 days    



Cook in advance then vacuum seal and store individual portions or entire meals

Prepare foods in advance for picnics, camping trips and barbecues

A must have assistant for sous vide cooking

Maintain the freshness of dry foods, such as beans, nuts, and cereals keeping out those pests like Pantry moths

The suction hose can be used for sealing jars containers even half used wine bottles

Sealing valuables and household items away from dust, damp & humidity

By been airtight it creates extra space in your fridge & pantry

It's lightweight, compact portable & easily stored away

Saves money by cutting down on food waste



To get the best use of this appliance & use it safely, please read instructions carefully before use and keep for future reference


What`s in the Box

Vacuum Sealer

15 Starter Bags

Air Suction Hose

Free set of Stretch Covers for your Containers


 101Kitchen Aim to help your kitchen run smoothly and efficiently by saving you time and money